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Vacation rentals

are serious business with more than 9 million and growing listings between Airbnb and VRBO. As owner/managers ourselves, we know what it's like to operate in this increasingly competitive environment, and the pain points with setting up and maintaining a rental.

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Unlike hotels

vacation rental owners and hosts don’t have access to endless supplies of perfectly matched commercial linens and stock.

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Without supply solutions

designed for you, you're stuck with box stores and the online marketplace. So you go online and find something that might do. The above set of bath linens is inexpensive and has some good reviews... Do they have special washing requirements? Will they endure guest use and abundant wash cycles? Who knows! It's cheap and easy so you smack that Buy Now button!

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Your supply closet

is looking great with all the new stuff, and it's time to rent!

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Which means

beds get slept in and jumped on, Blankets get taken outside for Instagram pics or turned into blanket forts. And spills and breakage happen too!

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But mostly

ordinary wear and tear takes life from each item. And the King Bed gets way more use than the bunk beds since kids don't always come along, while the sleeper sofa only gets used a few times per season.

All this makes it impossible for hosts to plan replacements over time.

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Which means

your supply closet and guests suffer. To remedy the situation, maybe later than you should have, you head back to the online marketplace.

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But they are out

of the white bath set you bought! And you don't need a whole new set, you just need a couple of hand towels. So you make do. You order off-white - maybe the guests won't notice?

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And then making do becomes a habit

that plummets the quality of your once beautiful stock, which now resembles a garage sale.

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It's a frustrating

waste of time and money. Hotels solved these issues long ago, but vacation rental hosts need a long term, low effort, high quality, affordable solution. That solution is here!

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It all starts with

1) a low initial inventory charge a fraction of retail. Pricing shown is for a sleeps 6 higher-end full home.

2) We deliver and setup all the supplies for sleeping, bathing, and dining with commercial grade items that last longer and require less upkeep.

3)  And then the real magic happens: we connect to data originating from rental apps like Airbnb or VRBO to fuel our supply system.

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Remember how

the king bed gets more use than the bunks because kids don't always come along? GAMMA™ (our proprietary supply system) is smart and accounts for that and many other details based on booking data. In fact...

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GAMMA™ tracks

every single of the hundreds of items in your rental across four factors.

1) USE by time occupying the space.

2) USE according to booking details, or data.

3) LIFE LEFT in each product. All this indicates when to

4) REPLACE each item.

Because you are charged each month according to USE, you pay less during lean months, a great cashflow benefit.

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We know that

you don't want to be inundated receiving a washcloth or a new towel or pillowcase every week, so GAMMA™ uses predictive modeling to limit shipments to about 4 per year (it can adjust when needed). All this means that replacements magically show up at your door when your rental needs them without you having to give it a second thought.
Pricing shown is for a high-end sleeps 6 full home during a busy month (amounts to less than 3% or revenue).

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And broken or missing items? Replaced for free!

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Let's toast to

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