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Short-term rental owners should outsource operating supplies procurement to experts with automated

systems and buying power

That's why we started Plentiful Stays

A first of its kind service

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What We Do

We provide, finance, and automatically replace (based on bookings data and computer modeling) the following for a low and predictable monthly fee:



  • Mattresses

    • Premium hybrid with edge support​

  • Mattress encasements

    • breathable, quick change top​

  • Pillowcases

  • Bottom sheets

  • Top sheets

    • ​Sheets are fast-dry, luxurious long-staple cotton with performance core, color-coded thread for quick sizing, balanced hem, room-ready​​

  • Pillows

    • One firm, one loft for each guest​

  • Pillow encasements

    • Unzip on two sides for quick changing​

  • Comforters

  • Top covers (better than duvet covers)​



  • Bath towels

  • Hand towels

    • Bath and hand towels are fast-dry, luxurious long-staple cotton with performance core, gradient pile, room-ready​

  • Washcloths

  • Bathmats​

  • Robes

    • Luxury cotton, waffle weave for less bulk and faster dry​



  • Plates

  • Bowls

  • Serving dishes

  • Coffee Mugs

    • All the above are made from super-durable, chip resistant, high alumina vitrified porcelain. Freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe

  • ​​​Glasses

    • Tempered glass, drop-tested 3 ft on marble floors​

  • Flatware

    • Low marking polished stainless steel​

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Don't Fall Victim to Bad Reviews

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"The mattresses in the small bedrooms were terrible. Loved the place but this will keep us from coming again."

"The towels were threadbare and a bit dingy"

"The sheets felt plastic and sticky."

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What products will perform and last?

How can you keep up on replacements month after month without undue stress and effort?

After the initial fun of outfitting your rental wears off, are you going to be able to overcome owner fatigue and replace each washcloth and dozens of other items as needed to keep standards high?

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Plentiful Stays keeps your rental well-supplied all the time for better stays, excellent reviews, and more profits

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Powered by GAMMA™

GAMMA™ is a new technology we developed to outfit vacation rentals in a more efficient way that creates a new standard of quality.

GAMMA™ taps into booking data and uses proprietary algorithms to automatically replenish operating supplies, from mattresses to washcloths, as needed.

Bottom line: We can save you money, time, and frustration, all while helping you serve your guests better.

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Working Together

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Whidbey Island vacation rental manager

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Bed and bath linens manufacturer

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Dinnerware manufacturer

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Mattress manufacturer


Short-term rental marketplace


Integration coming in 4th quarter 2022!
Property Management System

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Startup Haven - Member Lvl 1

Exclusive Network of Founders & Investors

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Get a Quote

Excellent stays, great reviews, and more profits.

Less time and fewer chores.

​What the quote includes:

  • Costs broken down into categories

  • More information about our high-performance, guest-ready supplies

  • Details on how replenishment works and saves you time and money

  • How to get started!

You can also call us for a quote​:

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